What is OnlyFans banning?

With the exponential growth of OnlyFans as a platform for content creators, understanding its guidelines has become crucial. While OnlyFans allows a wide range of content, there are specific categories it explicitly bans, mainly to maintain a safe and respectful environment for both creators and subscribers. This article aims to provide a clear understanding of what OnlyFans is banning, helping you to stay within the rules while using the platform.

Prohibited Content on OnlyFans

While OnlyFans is widely known for its adult content, the platform sets strict regulations to protect its community. Here are some content categories that OnlyFans explicitly prohibits:

Explicit Content Restrictions

Although OnlyFans is often associated with adult content, not all forms of it are allowed. The platform disallows content that delves into extreme niches, acts that lack mutual consent, and, most stringently, any content that involves or alludes to minors. It's essential to be discerning about the kind of adult content one posts.

Violent or Harmful Content

This rule ensures that the platform remains safe and doesn't become a breeding ground for harmful practices. Any material that endorses self-injury, self-destruction, or dangerous, life-threatening activities is strictly prohibited.

Hate Speech & Discrimination

OnlyFans aims to maintain a respectful environment for all its users. Thus, it doesn't permit any content that propagates hate, bias, or prejudice against individuals or groups based on their intrinsic attributes. This ensures the platform remains inclusive and respectful.

Illegal Activities

OnlyFans maintains a strong stance against illegalities. This encompasses promoting drug use, selling unauthorized items, or showcasing prohibited actions. It's crucial to ensure all activities showcased adhere to legal guidelines.

Misleading or Fraudulent Content

Credibility is vital. Content designed to mislead, deceive, or defraud users not only harms individuals but also undermines the platform's trustworthiness. False advertising or scams are not tolerated.

Copyright Violations

Intellectual property rights are taken seriously. Posting content that isn't yours, especially without proper attribution or rights, can lead to copyright issues. Creators should always ensure they have the appropriate permissions for any content they share.


OnlyFans insists on authenticity. Pretending to be someone else, especially if that someone is a well-known figure, misleads fans and can lead to legal implications. This rule ensures genuine interactions and prevents fraud.

Private Information

Privacy is paramount. Distributing another individual's personal or confidential data without explicit consent is a severe violation. This extends to addresses, contact numbers, and any other sensitive details.

Bots & Automation

OnlyFans prioritizes organic interactions. The use of software or bots to automate interactions or artificially boost numbers goes against this ethos and can result in penalties.

It's crucial to note that this list isn't exhaustive and OnlyFans can, at its discretion, remove content or terminate accounts that violate its terms of service.

Recent Policy Changes

Recently, OnlyFans made headlines with its announcement to ban explicit adult content, a decision it later reversed due to widespread backlash. The initial decision was driven by external pressure, including banking partners and payment providers. While explicit adult content is still permitted, this incident underlines the importance of staying updated with OnlyFans' policy changes.


Navigating the content guidelines on OnlyFans can seem daunting, but understanding what is explicitly banned can help ensure a safe, respectful, and successful experience on the platform. The rules not only protect creators and subscribers, but they also uphold the platform's reputation, making it a more welcoming space for a diverse range of creators and content.

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