How to get OnlyFans app

In the world of direct content monetization, OnlyFans stands as a leading platform that empowers creators to share their work with dedicated followers. However, for those used to downloading applications from their device's app store, you might find it difficult to locate an official OnlyFans app. Let's explore how to access OnlyFans on your mobile device and the features you can utilize.

The OnlyFans Mobile Experience: Not An App, But A Shortcut

As of my last update in September 2021, OnlyFans does not have a dedicated application available in app stores such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Instead, users access OnlyFans through a mobile web browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

For easier and quicker access, you can create a shortcut to the OnlyFans website on your device's home screen. This shortcut will act much like an app icon, allowing you to tap and directly open OnlyFans in your web browser.

How to Create an OnlyFans Shortcut

Here's how you can create an OnlyFans shortcut on your device:

For iOS devices (Safari):

Open Safari and go to
Tap on the Share button (the square with an arrow pointing upward).
Scroll down and tap on "Add to Home Screen."
Name the shortcut as you wish (e.g., OnlyFans), then tap "Add."

For Android devices (Chrome):

Open Chrome and go to
Tap on the three-dot menu in the top right corner.
Tap on "Add to Home Screen."
Name the shortcut as you wish (e.g., OnlyFans), then tap "Add."
Using OnlyFans on Mobile

Once you've set up the shortcut, you can tap on it to access OnlyFans just like you would through any app. On the mobile version of OnlyFans, you can:

Browse Content: Explore and view content from the creators you subscribe to.
Interact: Like, comment on posts, and send private messages to creators.
Manage Subscriptions: Subscribe to new creators, renew subscriptions, or manage existing ones.
Post Content (for Creators): If you're a creator, you can post new content, respond to comments, and interact with your fans.

Although there isn't an official OnlyFans app, the mobile web version provides a user-friendly and accessible way to engage with your favorite creators' content. By creating a home screen shortcut, you can quickly access OnlyFans with a single tap, mimicking the convenience of a mobile app.

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