How to create Bookmarks step by step

If you want to optimize your OnlyFans feed for better discoverability of your content, it is essential to utilize the Bookmarks feature.

To access it, simply click on your profile picture and select "Bookmarks."

Now you can create bookmarks and assign them relevant names based on the categories you want to organize your content by. For example, you can name content related to your breasts as "boobies" and content related to your butt as "booty." Let your creativity shine and make your profile stand out from the competition by using bookmarks to make it more attractive to your fans.

By using the bookmarks feature, your fans can easily access their favorite content and never miss any updates again. They can browse through different categories and find exactly what they are looking for, thereby improving the usability of your profile and increasing fan satisfaction.

Moreover, you can leverage the bookmarks feature to highlight exclusive content or special offers. For instance, you can create a bookmark called "VIP Content" and allow fans to access exclusive photos or videos available only to paying members. This creates incentives for your fans to subscribe to your profile and visit regularly.

By effectively utilizing the Bookmarks feature, you can significantly enhance the user experience on your OnlyFans profile. Your fans will appreciate the improved accessibility, enabling them to find your content more easily and focus on their favorite categories.

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