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Bhad Bhabie's entry into the world of OnlyFans was certainly a noteworthy event in 2021.

The rapper and social media personality announced that she had joined the platform in April 2021, and within just six hours, she reportedly earned over $1 million in subscriptions.

Bhad Babies OnlyFans success

Bhad Bhabie squating

Bhad Bhabie's success on OnlyFans was driven in part by her existing fanbase, which includes millions of followers on social media.

She promoted her OnlyFans account heavily on Instagram and Twitter, and offered fans access to exclusive photos and videos, as well as the chance to chat with her directly.

Bhad Bhabie's success on OnlyFans was not without controversy. Some critics accused her of exploiting the platform for financial gain and contributing to the objectification of women, while others argued that she was simply taking advantage of the platform like any other creator.

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